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Our cupcakes can be used as a centerpiece, star of the show or quiet extra to ensure there is plenty to enjoy. 

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Cookie Bites

These soft buttery cookies are topped with just a touch of our delicious buttercream.  They are the perfect little bite to add color and volume to any dessert table and can be made to match any color scheme.


Bundt Cakes!

I was asked by a bride to create fourteen bundt cakes to be used as table center pieces, each being  one of three cocktail inspired flavors.  They were such a hit, I now include them as a unique and fun way to treat your guests!

Pina Colada,  Strawberry Margarita

& Sangria

Layered Cupcake Cups

Why not wow your guests with over -the-top cupcake cups filled with a variety of delicious cake flavors and filled with flavored icings and fresh fruit.  Pictured right are my Tres Leches Cupcake Cups filled with a traditional Tres Leches Cake, fresh strawberries and a Whipped Cream Buttercream.

Other popular flavor combinations are: 

Tiramisu, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Ganache, Lemon Raspberry and Rumchada.

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